Designing an MVP for a pet-finding platform


UI/UX Design Intern


Nov. 2023 - March 2024


UI/UX @ Flashstep
Development @ Flashstep




I served as a UI/UX design intern at Flashstep, a company specializing in strategic consulting and software solutions for businesses. My main project was working on IdentyPet, their flagship product, which was a primary focus for our UI/UX design team. The goal for the IdentyPet team was to enhance the usability and overall user interface of the product's Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

As part of the design team, my role specifically involved researching, designing, and refining the onboarding and user dashboard experience.

Work & Impact

  1. User Research: Conducted three unmoderated user interviews with pet owners who experienced a missing pet, collecting data on their experiences. Additionally, synthesized research findings from user surveys, the interviews, and a competitive analysis to inform design decisions.

  2. UX Audit: Performed an audit on the current MVP, identifying pain points and potential areas for improvement to enhance the user experience.

  3. User Stories and Flows: Developed user stories and user flows to clearly outline the platform's functionality, ensuring a logical and intuitive user journey.

  4. Wireframe Design: Created low-fidelity wireframes for the onboarding and dashboard experience, laying the foundation for the visual design and interaction patterns.

  5. Collaboration with Development: Worked closely with our developer to understand business requirements and learn about implementation constraints, ensuring that designs were feasible and aligned with technical capabilities.

  6. Branding and Design System: Contributed to the development of the IdentyPet branding and design system, establishing a cohesive visual identity and consistent design standards.

  7. Design Presentation: Presented design iterations, documentation, and proposals to our developer, effectively communicating design concepts and rationale.

Reflections & Takeaways

My internship at IdentyPet was a journey filled with challenges that turned into valuable learning experiences:

  1. Understanding UX Maturity: I was part of a team mainly consisting of junior UI/UX designer interns. This situation provided a platform for personal growth as I often found myself leading the team through uncertain situations, highlighting the need for strong UX leadership to provide direction and mentorship.

  2. Collaboration with Development: A significant insight was the critical need for collaboration between the UX and development teams. Regular communication and alignment are essential for a smooth transition from design to development in order to ensure that designs were technically feasable.

  3. Prioritizing Functionality Over Aesthetics: I noticed an emphasis on UI aesthetics early in the MVP stage. This experience reinforced the idea that functionality should take precedence in early product development, with aesthetic enhancements coming later to enhance the user experience.

  4. Autonomy and Leadership: The lack of a designated project manager or design lead resulted in a more autonomous working environment, presenting challenges in direction and coordination but also opportunities for self-initiative and collaborative problem-solving.

  5. Voicing Feedback for Process Improvement: A crucial lesson from my internship was the importance of voicing my feedback and thoughts if I wanted to see changes in the process. I soon realized that my input could significantly impact the direction of our work.

  6. Identifying My Ideal Work Environment: This internship was pivotal in not only highlighting challenges but also in clarifying the type of design team, company, and work environment in which I thrive.

These learnings have not only enriched my skill set but also sharpened my vision for my future in UX design. The journey through IdentyPet’s challenges has illuminated the path forward, reinforcing my resolve to seek out and contribute to teams where innovation, empathy, and leadership converge to create meaningful user experiences.

This project is under NDA. Please send me a message on LinkedIn with any questions!

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