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Hello, nice to meet you!

I come from a media production background in audio and video editing, writing, producing social media content, designing graphics, digital banners, and more.

While I love the creative and business aspects of producing a show, my curiosity about human behavior and innovative technology led me to pursue user experience, interaction design, and product strategy with Designlab.


At the very core of what I have done in media, my mission has always been to constantly educate myself and others through learning and understanding people and their stories more deeply. With my parents working as nurses and my sister working in public policy, I found my way of creating a big impact in people's lives through design.

What I love about UX is the opportunity for me to problem-solve creatively. I like getting into the user's head and figuring out the best solution to improve a product. It's a fun combination of creativity, technology, and business (which I absolutely love).


If you share a similar passion or interest, let's chat!



This gif is by @Kennymays!

Take a look at my history

2023 - present

2022 - present

2020 - present

2020 - 2023


2020 - 2021


2020 - 2021




2018 - 2019




UI/UX Freelance Designer

Creative Designer at CODA

Audio Editor at The Good Space Podcast

Audio Editor at FullCast

Operations Manager & Audio Editor at FullCast

Operations Lead & Audio Editor at FullCast

Operations Assistant at FullCast

Podcast Producer & Host at The Blooming Project Podcast

Marketing Coordinator at JEP Healthcare

Editorial Research Assistant at Ad Age

Documentary Film Intern at Camovement

Global Exchange Ambassador, Peer Advisor at Loyola Universty Chicago

Creative Copywriter and Strategist Apprenticeship at The One Club for Creativity

Education Program Tutor at Asian Human Services

Editorial Intern at TheBeijinger

Other fun stuff

🎙️ I am an audio editor, working in the podcast space for 3 years in 10+ shows. Here is my favorite show that I have worked on called The Good Space podcast.

💃 I am a professional dancer. Since I was 7 years old, I have been practicing and performing in ballet, tap, jazz, and various hip-hop styles. Since January 2022, I have served as the Creative chair of a professional Chicago dance team called CODA. Check out our most recent performance at Lollapalooza 2023 with J.Worra.

🎞️ I am a film photographer. Since the summer of 2022, I began analog shooting and it's been a fun journey where I am constantly learning new photography techniques and tech. So far, I have 2 35mm film cameras and 4 digital cameras. Follow my photography Instagram @pixbyjojo!

🐶 I have a dog named Pogi. He's a Pekingese/poodle mix (peekapoo). In tagalog, "pogi" means handsome. He's pretty chill and lazy like me. Check him out on Instagram @pogi_peekapoo!

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